Cross-Cultural Training

JCP – Interkulturelles Training is a provider for intercultural in-house coaching and seminars. Coaching and cross-cultural training for all those who often communicate with people from other cultures or are interested in intercultural issues. Intercultural awareness-raising and cross-cultural training for all those who want to live and work in other cultures or attend international conferences.

What is Intercultural Competence?

Intercultural competence is known as the ability to interact with people of different cultures, successfully and appropriately. Intercultural competence can be developed and promoted through professional cross-cultural training and seminars.
Emotional competence as well as intercultural sensitivity are recognized to be prerequisites for any successful intercultural communication.

Interkulturelle Kompetenz
Target Groups

Companies, associations, authorities, institutions, professionals and students.
Intercultural awareness
Cross-Cultural Awareness

Cross-cultural awareness for various cultures in: Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.
Cross-cultural training
Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training:

”Success in other cultures”

”Integration in Germany”